Mole, Skin tag & Wart


Do you suffer with moles, skin tags, warts or other benign lesions that you are embarrassed by or sick of seeing? 

Our cryotherapy treatment  can eliminate these for good.  This treatment will leave no scars or a very faint mark. During the procedure liquid nitrogen is applied to the effected area which will freeze the lesion, this will then form a sore which will drop off usually within 7 days.

Consultations are required to assess suitability for treatment and treatment can be carried out the same day usually. Treatment time including consultation is around 30 minutes.

All treatments are carried out by our nurse practitioner. This treatment cannot be booked online, please email or alternatively call 07956389971 to book. 


Mole removal £85 per mole

Skin tags £65 for multiple ( accurate price upon consultation)

Wart removal £65