Anti- wrinkle treatments are used to give a more youthful smoother appearance, they also will soften any existing lines and wrinkles. We can treat frown lines, forehead lines, crows feet and nose lines. We can also help with jawline slimming, gummy smiles and create a lip flick. A face to face consultation is required before treatment to asses your suitability and review your medical history.


We also offer treatment for excessive sweating under the arms.

1 Area £150

Crows feet OR frown line 

2 Area £220

Frown and crows feet or frown and forehead


3 Area £250

frown lines, forehead and crows feet 

4 Area £280

Classic 3 area plus bunny lines (nose)

Masseter (jaw) £200

Platysma neck bands £200

Anti sweat treatment £295

Additional areas (£50 per area)

Such as lip flick, gummy smile, marionette lines, chin pebble.