Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation - (HIFU)

1 session £250

2 sessions £450

3 sessions £600 (course of three is recommended, please contact us for any offers that may be running for this treatment)

Lets talk vaginas! This seems to be a very taboo subject that we don’t discuss enough. Here at Elite aesthetics we have a specialist nurse practitioner who carries out the latest non surgical rejuvenation techniques to treat a variety of lady problems. Do you dodge the trampoline park with the kids incase of an accident? Cross your legs when you sneeze just incase? Don’t feel the same down there after childbirth? We can help you to fulfill a normal life again without the added embarrassment of incontinence getting in the way.


Vaginal HIFU is an ultrasound treatment which uses revolutionary technology to stimulate collagen growth to rejuvenate and tighten the vaginal tissue.


During the ageing process and changes in hormones, the vaginal tissue loses collagen and elasticity. This loss of elasticity is also more noticeable after childbirth and menopause. 


In the long term, this can result in stress or urge incontinence, vaginal soreness and dryness, vaginal infections and reduced sexual fulfilment.


Our vaginal rejuvenation treatment is a painless ultrasound treatment which stimulates the collagen and elastin production. Within the vaginal tissue. It is a very quick treatment and offers fantastic results. Consultations are required and can be carried out the same day of treatment by our nurse. Treatment time including consultation is approx 1 hour.  


Results include an improvement in menopausal symptoms & urinary stress and urge incontinence. This treatment also tightens the vagina for increased sexual fulfilment. 


2-3 sessions are required for best results especially for ladies who require the treatment for urinary incontinence. All treatments are carried out by our Nurse practitioner who has 17 years nursing experience and has had experience in gynaecology and is currently and Advanced Nurse Practitioner and a matron. Treatment is held within a private clinic and is fully confidential. 


Payment can be split over the sessions. 


Please contact us to via phone or email to book - Consultations are free of charge.